Interview mit Doc Scott

Doc Scott alias Nasty Habit ist DJ Legende, Chef des Drum & Bass Avantgarde Labels 31 Records und einer der stilprägendsten Produzenten des Genres. Im Interview spricht er über die Gründerzeiten, macht klar dass er sich nicht auf einen Stil festlegen lässt und kündigt Ende und Neuanfang an.

Booga: At the moment many people remembered respectful Kemistry who died in a car accident 7 years ago, as a friend, as a great DJ and as a part of the famous triangle Goldie-Kemistry-Storm. You did that rare to find but absolutely brilliant remix. What do you think of her today?

Doc Scott: Well, you know someone reminded me of that the other day and I put the remix om my myspace page, it makes me sad but it also makes me happy because I remember what a special person she was to us all. Have a look at …

Booga: I have seen it. And honestly I felt free to link to the tune on the kemistry thread on „Dogs On Acid“ – you don’t mind?

Doc Scott: No problem.

Booga: Let’s go back to the days of origin. Producers like Spirit and Digital still raving about the golden era of the Reinforced sound 1992-1994. You deserve a lot of honour for your inspiring „As nasty as I wanna be“ EP. How would you rate this time in contrast to the worldwide Drum & Bass popularity that is has today?

Doc Scott: Well, I think it was more fun back then in the sense that we were young and only cared about making beats that no-one had heard or done before. The Reinforced days were crazy times, I just remember having the most fun I ever had making tunes and going down to the Reinforced studios and playing tracks i had done to Goldie and 4 Hero and them playing new stuff to me and blowing each other away!

Booga: So the „virginity“ is kind of gone?

Doc Scott: Well, back then we were in unchartered terrority so to speak, we didnt even realise what we were doing, we were just having fun, then we realised lots of people around the world were listening to what we were doing. Drum & Bass is in its 3rd generation now, it is still damn exciting, but its a lot tougher for guys to sound ‚fresh‘.

Booga: From 1992 to 1994 your sound changed dramatically. From the hardcorish stuff like „Mayday, Mayday“ to the bright and melodic stuff like „Far Away“ on Metalheadz or later the „Interstate“ remix for System 7. What has been the most memorable influence on that development?

Doc Scott: Becoming more confident in expressing myself, I’ve always loved all aspects of music, from hard to emmotional. When I became more confident I did tracks like „Far Away“, but I also wanted to show that I wasn’t one dimensional, just a hardcore guy, thats why I did the track for Good Looking. To prove that I was into everything and that I shouldn’t be labeled as one kind of style.

Booga: Which you proof later with absolutely smashers like „Shadow Boxing“ and „Liquid Finger“.

Doc Scott: Thank you, I make music as I DJ, across the board, I make and play what I like, I just have a broad taste in music I guess.

Booga: „It’s Yours“ is the name of at least four Drum & Bass tracks I know of (Doc Scott, Lemon D, Aspect, In Effect). The Leipzig Breakbeat website is also named „It’s Yours“. I took it as a statement for the „do it yourself“ principle. What was your intention?

Doc Scott: I was just a homage to one of my favourite tracks „It’s Yours“ by T La Rock on DefJam 001

Booga: But DIY is still a driving force in the underground music department isn’t it? And I would rate Drum & Bass definitely as underground.

Doc Scott: Absolutely, its also very independent, its a vital element in what makes the music & the scene work. The majors nearly fucked things up in the late 90’s but we got through that and now its stronger than ever in my opinion.

Booga: Your output as an artist is very rare. Are you your hardest critic or do you also appreciate advice from certain persons?

Doc Scott: I‘ my hardest critic, I scrap so many tracks its a joke.

Booga: All in all – how many went down the drain?

Doc Scott: God knows, DJ’s that want them if they hear them can always have them but I distance myself … I’ve always considered myself a DJ who makes music.

Booga: Your label output is also very rare. What kind of musical essence you are looking for?

Doc Scott: Quality, soul and fresh, especially fresh artists, that gives me a buzz. New guys with new ideas, I mean who were Pendulum before vault?

Booga: True.

Doc Scott: That’s not a diss, it just makes me proud that 31 has some of the first big releases from, what are now, well established names in Drum & Bass.

Booga: Goldie said in an interview to me: „We are not commercial or any of those other people who sound very commercial and produce cheesy kind of stuff. That is not really my sound. People might like it but those people are usually kids. I am 40 years old this year. I don’t listen to kids’ music. I have grown up with this music so I listen to this music in its grown proportion.“ Would you agree since you ain’t no twen anymore?

Doc Scott: That sounds about right, its been a difficult transition for some DJ’s because the 1st generation are now mid 30s plus, and you can be playing to a crowd thats young enough to be your children, you have to play what you believe in, I agree with that statement totally.

Booga: In expectation of the „Plus30 Rec.“ launch one could think because of the label name it’s a further hint of the trend to make more „adult“ Drum’n’Bass. Can you comment on this?

Doc Scott: It’s just a reference to my age and what I want to make, a maturer sound for sure.

Booga: How would you describe the setup of „Plus30“?

Doc Scott: It will only have releases by me on it.

Booga: What’s on the label schedule then the next 6 months? For 31 and 30plus?

Doc Scott: Keyser Soze, Cable, „Shadow Boxing 10th anniversary EP“ and „End Of The Begining EP“. That’s Doc Scott the last one, by the way.

Booga: What does that mean – the last one?

Doc Scott: It’s means its a fresh start, but in a coded way.

Booga: Is „End Of Beginning“ a referrer to the „Beginning Of The End“ LP from Reinforced?

Doc Scott: I hadn’t thought of that to be honest.

Booga: I stroke me like thunder because today I listened to „4 Da Cause“, one of the greatest minimalistic tunes I’ve heard.

Doc Scott: Thank you.

Booga: As you mentioned before: Three days ago you did something totally new — you went online. On MySpace. How come?

Doc Scott: Well I’m well known for being hard to get hold off and being „under the radar“ so I thought „what the hell“. It’s took A LOT of people by suprise… lol

Booga: I believe! So no „hidden infamy“ anymore?

Doc Scott: I wouldnt say that, haha.

Booga: You are still playing heavily throughout the world. What keeps you in shape? What does still motivate you?

Doc Scott: Being behind the deck is the greatest feeling in the world, I love it and I love what I do.

Booga: What can people expect when they show up on 05/19/06 and you play at the Distillery in Leipzig?

Doc Scott: Quality music, presented in the right way, fresh sounds but with soul, too many people have forgotten about soul!

Booga: Also on the line up are Seba, Paradox and Robert Manos. Have you seen them before? Do you like the tunes of their collaboration work?

Doc Scott: I respect all those guye because they do their thing, they are their own person, and they do their own thing without copying anyone, I respect that more than anything.

Booga: Last question: What would be your number one advice for a beginner in making Drum & Bass music? Or a Drum & Bass DJ?

Doc Scott: To be yourself, to belive in yourself, to be influenced by people but dont copy people.

Booga: Thank you, looking forward to see you in Leipzig!

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