Solid Sonority – SoundSeven

featured Tracks:

It’s Here [Kiat ft. Klose – Visual // Defrostatica]

Track from the T-O-P [Mark System – Dissolve // Exit Records]

Respect Heritage [Seba – Can’t Describe // Secret Operations]

Look Into The Future [Fracture & Alix Perez – So High // Astrophonica]


Full Tracklist:
L-Side ft. Ras Tweed – Love Vibration [V Recordings]
Villem & McLeod – If I Had [Spearhead]
FD – Ambra (Calibre Remix) [Sun And Bass Recordings]
Ill Truth ft. Michael E.T. – Hollow Game [Soul Trader]
Bop – So Unloved [Med School]
Rizzle – The Only One [Dispatch]
Bredren – She Knows [Halogen Music]
Seba – Say You Love Me [Secret Operations]
Goldie – I Think Of You [Metalheadz]
Lynx – Fathom No. 8 [Detail Recordings]
Kiat ft. Klose – Visual [Defrostatica]
Bungle – Cocooned [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Mark System – 600k [Exit Records]
Spirit – Bounty Killer [Inneractive Music]
Response – Tell Me [Commercial Suicide]
Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone (LSB Remix) [Critical Music]
Dawn Wall – Mantis [Integral Records]
Alix Perez & Spectrasoul ft. DRS – Undone [IshChat Music]
Spirit – Think [Inneractive Music]
Mark System – Dissolve [Exit Records]
Response & Clive – Parasite [Ingredients]
Bungle – Eclipse [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Artificial Intelligence – Force Of Habit [Metalheadz]
Nausika – Torture [Subtitles]
L-Side – Dark Matter [V Recordings]
Seba – Can’t Describe [Secret Operations]
Crypticz – Forever [Cosmic Bridge]
Margari’s Kid – Init 1 [Cosmic Bridge]
Olver Yorke – Wanderer [None 60]
Vromm ft. Agama – Ashes Of Shame [Critical Music]
dreadmaul – Angel [Boundless Beatz]
Urban Trip – Solar Eclipse [Monochrome Recordings]
Ill Truth – Tear Up [Symmetrie Recordings]
Vromm ft. Rider Shafique – Level Up [Critical Music]
Moresounds – Mutatuion Experts [Cosmic Bridge]
Indifferent ft. Melissa Hibbert – Rescue Me [Free Love Digi]
Fracture & Alix Perez – So High [Astrophonica]
Sun People – Nu Gun [Through These Eyes]
Joakuim – Cosmos Dub [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Moresounds – Positive Yourself [Cosmic Bridge]
Dissident – The Knick Theme [Absys Records]
Sinerise – Calling (Submerse Remix) [Youngbloods]

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