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Electronic-Jungle-Footwork-Dub! As you can see, the music of Moresounds doesn’t really fit into categories or genres. But does it matter though? Not really, it’s just some very very good music and you get caught up by the sounds, coming out of this producers head! Well, dub seems to be the thing, that binds them all, even though, Moresounds is coming out of the Hip Hop scene, as he said himself, he found his destination in all kinds of Reggae, Ragga and Dub music.
We are happy to have him here in Leipzig this Friday at Distilery and ahead of that, we shot some questions at him:

IT’S YOURS: Hey Germain, how are you? 🙂

Hi ! I’m fine thanks, happy to come to Leipzig soon!

And how is the Moresounds project?

‘’Going on & on to the Moth*^Fù`*ng break of dawn’’
I’m very happy with labels I’m working with, feeling grateful.
Many greats projects to come and gigs all over.

Why did you came up with the name “Moresounds”, how is it evolved?

Back in 2006, I was doing Hip Hop beats, so I decided to create a Myspace page (RIP) and had to find a name. It’s hard to find a name quick… at this time I used to draw and write the alias ‘MORE‘, so i thought MORESOUNDS, … yeah, why not, let’s go.
I still like using this pseudo because it’s open to any kind of music and I really don’t like to be stuck into only one style of music.

Is it Tubbys music, you get your samples from or where do you take them?

I use samples from everywhere, I love to sample Reggae & Dub music but not only: Any source of sounds is interesting to me, I don’t use so much Tubbys samples in fact.

With the influences of Tubby in mind, how come, that you „ended up“ in going into the Drum & Bass direction?

I love Dub music and I have been focused on Dub roots techniques, what I like in Tubby’s work is that it opened new possibility in music, Dub techniques are applicable in any kind of styles. And when I speak about dub it’s mostly the technical part that I use in my production. I just try to bring some Roots Dub fragments in my productions using same techniques with a mixing desk and effects on my tunes. I’m more into 90’s Ragga Jungle vibes than Drum & Bass to be honest. And to me Reggae & Dub is directly linked to this. It totally makes sense in the way, that for me, Jamaican music influenced many genres from Hip Hop to Jungle.

How would you describe your relationship to Om Unit and Fracture?

I’m feeling really happy and proud to work with artists like them, very inspirational and pushing me a lot.
It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with them on some tunes and an honor to evolve and moving forward with Labels like Cosmic Bridge & Astrophonica.

Please choose one and say way: Cosmic Bridge or Astrophonica? 😛

I would say CosmicPhonica Or maybe AstroBridge?
Because Space is the place.

You take a big part at the modern 160bpm movement! What is your opinion about it? Is it already well established or is it more likely a phenomenon, which will disappear sooner or later?

160/170 is a really interesting BPM range, it gives the freedom to explore many fields from Hip Hop beats to Jungle. I don’t know if it is established or a phenomenon but I’m feeling at ease with this at the moment.

What do you think of the concept to categorize music into genres?

I don’t really feel concerned about this, even get lost on this game lol, I can’t even explain what music I do when people ask me… : Electronic Jungle Footwork Hip Hop Dub ?

When you produce music, is it important to you to make the music compatible to the listener or do you just do, what you like to do?

Not really, I want to create music that I feel first. So I just do it and I’m even more blessed if I’ve got positive feedback from people.

Which one do you prefer, to listen at home or on the dancefloor?

Like it both, but it is really enjoyable to listen to  your music on a proper system, it’s a great sensation, unique.

Why do you play your music live and not just Djing? What is the reason behind it?

My brother and my cousin used to make live sets back in the late 90’s, they transmitted me mix and live technics, a great approach to play live with machines, dub tricks with a mixing desk. I think there are lots of DJs but no enough live acts actually and its cool for the crowd to see a live act, its refreshing.
It is also great to play exclusively your own productions in a whole set and see how people react to your music. I sometime make some DJ sets, it’s also pleasant to play tunes from friends and other artists. But I enjoy playing live to 95% and DJing to 5%.

Can you tell anything about the nearer future projects you are making?

I have a 12’’ forthcoming On Lion Charge Records soon, it’s basically a back to the roots release, on a future Reggae Dub stepper tip.
I have few remixes forthcoming for like DJ Madd, Poirier, llk on BTG (Bun The Grid), a Dub for Dub Stuy Records… and a couple more.
And an EP ready for one of the labels I’m working with. It will be announced very soon, and other plans in the tube..

Who is Richie Brains?

Good question, I had the promo of this LP and I can say that his stuff is blasting hard. One of the best LPs I heard for a while.
This guy looks to be the Years 3000 Mickeal Jackson, Unknown Drum and Bass pioneer from the underworld, the Johnny Clegg of footwork.
Respek is due to Richie, whoever he is.

Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to see you next friday!

Big up! See you Friday ina jungle dub style.

13.05.16 Bridge The Gap w/ Moresounds – live at Distillery

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