Creative & Versatile! Interview with Anile (Med School)

With two EPs and one Album released on the label, he is one of the key players in the Med School camp. Anile is always bringing a fresh sound combined with classic elements to his tunes and fits quite well to the policy of Med School, being creative and versatile!
Though Anile not only has to be defined by the label, he is belonging to, but more likely by his big range of Drum & Bass music and the always melodic and sometime melancholic vibes in it. With tracks like Requiem or Velvet Glove he shows, how it can be possible to be minimalistic but powerful and melodic but on point to the floor!
We are happy to have him here in Leipzig this Friday and before that on interview-duty at our webblog.


Hey Anile, nice meeting you (virtually), how are things around these days?

I can’t wait to meet you guys face to face! Things are well at this end here in the UK, thank you. I am very busy writing new music in the studio for 2017 and I really can’t wait to test a lot of it out for the first time with you guys!

You and Med School have quite a long history. You’ve released several tunes on the label before you signed exclusive to it. Please tell us something about the relationship between you and the label.

I feel the relationship works really well. We are all very honest with one another and we can all have a great laugh at times which comes across in the music. Everyone in the office is very professional and at their top of the game and you have to respect that. It’s a really nice camp to be in and it’s only growing stronger with every release, we all put out!

As it is a sublabel to Hospital, some people might say it’s for those artists, which are good, but not as good to be signed at Hospital. What would you say to them about Med School, what is the difference between those two labels?

I think, they are on the same height. Some people preferr to listen to the artists of Hospital and some more likely to the artists of Med School. The label offers a versatility that Hospital couldn’t in such depth. For artists like Frederic Robinson & Bop, it gives more scope to push boundaries and express them selves more. Theres not many labels out there which would allow or support that amount of creativity compared to the amount of risk they take.

Before your exclusive sign to Med School, you’ve released on Soul:R, Absys, Ingredients and Commercial Suicide, to name a few, can you tell us something about working with them?

Releasing on Soul:R was my all time favorite moment to date. That label means so much to me and to be picked up for that is and always will be a personal highlight to me as it’s so inspirational. Working with other labels was always a great learning curve to say the least. I don’t regret any releases, they all mould an artist into what he or she is today. There’s some really special labels out there.

Do you try to find a connection to the label in your producing?

Not really, I think it’s important to be true to what your doing. Never write music for anyone or anything other than yourself. I try to be versatile with my sound so that it keeps not just me interested but the listener to. There are too many artists out there that stuck in the mud and lack versatility because it has to suit the label they are signed too.

You have a big range in your sound from the minimalistic “Straights” to the club-banger “Allergens” with a lot of good liquid and deep tracks in between, such as “Loosing My Mind”. What is the inspirational source of creating this range?

I’ve always been into a lot of different styles of Drum & Bass. Jump Up, Hard, Liquid etc… For me it’s how I feel and what I’m getting inspiration from at the time. I get sent a lot of great music and that makes me get in the studio and write. I love hearing friends like FD, LSB & Lenzman making amazing music and it just makes me motivated to do it.

Is there some sources outside of Drum & Bass as well?

Im a huge rock music fan. I live and breath rock music. To me its the greatest music ever. Im not sure how and if I get inspired by this. But there aren’t many days that go by with playing a Pearl Jam, Deftones, Guns n‘ Roses, blah blah.. 🙂

Since you’ve dropped the Allergens EP last Summer, what are your next plans? Working on another EP?

I haven’t any plans set in stone but I think there’s a potential album worth of good music on the computer ready to be A&R’d. I’ve done a few remix’s and collabs too, ready for releasing this year, that I’m super excited about. I’ve just finished a remix for FD & Total Science which is getting some great plays along with a remix of a Bop track which is featured on his new EP on Med School, out in March.

Big thanks for the interview and looking forward to see you in Leipzig!

Big love!! See you Friday!! Thanks!


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