All Around The World: Interview mit DnB Produzent Konst!nkai aus Sankt Petersburg

Die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft in Russland ist vorbei. Für manche ein Grund zur Trauer und für manche ein Grund zur Freude. Ein bisschen schwermütig haben wohl die meisten Drum&Bass Fans das Spektakel miterlebt, da mit keinem einzigen Wort oder Note die ausgeprägte Drum&Bass Szene in Russland und vor allem in Sankt Petersburg erwähnt wurde. Für diese Fans haben wir jedoch ein fettes Trostpflaster. Denn in unserer Interview-Reihe präsentieren wir heute den russischen Drum&Bass Produzenten Konst!nkai, der den Zuhörern der elften Folge von True Passion zumindest musikalisch ein Begriff sein sollte.


During a sunny afternoon and some random drum&bass sets on SoundCloud, I recognized your song “Oasis” outshining the rest of the tracks. It was tough to find more tracks just by typing your artist’s name in google. Eventually, I found more of your songs on promodj. Have you released six songs overall or is there more output to be found in the web or on your computer? Any plans for the future?

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest to me and my creation. At the moment I have released 4 tracks officially. Namely Calypso, Oasis, Nausicaa and Sunrise. They can be found on Google music, ITunes and many others webstores. Actually, music is not my primary occupation, which is why I have to find more time to compose. My plan for the future is to change my job and spend more time making music ‚cause music means a lot to me. I have many projects to finish and I hope maybe I will work together with somebody in collaboration who also loves DnB. But it is all a matter of time, and like I said before, I hope I can do it in the nearest future.


Your style of drum and bass seems very diversified when I compare songs like the more techy-edged “Nausicaa” and the tropical beach house influenced “Sunrise”. Do you prefer a specific subgenre?

Yes, I agree that they also sound very different for me, although I tried to add some features to make distinctive sounds that allow you to understand you are listening to the same artist. The different sound elements come from my love for various melodic genres. But it is only an envelope for the drum and bass that is mainly focused on energy, rhythm and positiveness. The last word can be disputable, but this is my opinion. Another thing is that I wanted to gain experience in composing tracks of different genres, which you can easily hear in my songs. Oasis is focused on keys and melody, in Nausicaa you are hearing hard bass and Sunrise allows you to imagine 😁 A favorite drum and bass subgenre? Mhh. Maybe my favorite subgenre is liquid and intelligent dnb.


There is always that one drum and bass tune that led you to love drum and bass music. Could you tell us this song? And in that context, which drum & bass producers and record labels have influenced you the most?

This is a difficult question! I can’t remember, which artist led me into dnb, but what I remember is that I always liked dance music. Back in the days when I was a small kid, my favorite artists were bands like 2unlimited and masterboy. One day when I was listening to the famous russian dance radiostation I heard these broken jungle rhythms for the first time. In this moment, I truly didn’t know what kind of music it was but it aroused my interest and I wanted to listen to more of these dissimilar, broken beats. Later I had my first experience with the incredible sound of Prodigy, who turned the complete music industry upside down. I still love these guys. They influenced so many artists all around the world including one of my favourite dnb artist Pendulum. When I first faced Pendulum, I recognised that I loved dnb more than any other music genre. Especially artists like Sub Focus, London Electricity, High Contrast, Netsky, Break and Delta Heavy are a huge inspiration for my music although I am also influenced by the mainstream pop sounds of Wilkinson and Sigma. And yeah, it really seems like I love more liquid dnb, although hard bass is sometimes the better choice for me.


IT’S YOURS promotes a lot of emerging artists in East Germany. Can you give these new artists some advice on production skills? By the way, do you play an instrument?

I should say something like never give up! These are common words but they are true. If you love something, then you have to do everything for it, but remember that the greatest obstacle you need to pass on the way to your dream is yourself only!
Instruments? Maybe it could seems strange but I used to play drums! 😁😁😁


Going to drum & bass raves, playing as DJ, making music or organizing drum and bass events often goes hand in hand in Leipzig. It is therefore not surprising that drum and bass events feel like big family gatherings. How is the drum and bass scene organized in Saint Petersburg?

St Petersburg is known as the centre of dance music in Russia and a big role in it plays the first russian dance radiostation which was founded here. It has plenty djs and artists subscribed to its music label. The drum and bass scene seems similiar to the scene in your home town because it also feels like one big family if you are on a rave in St Petersburg.


Thank you very much for this great Interview!


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